Do you feel unworthy and unaccepted? Do you attract the same type of mate over and over? Do poor circumstances seem to recur just in different ways? Do you find yourself unhappy while being alone? Do you find yourself constantly looking for the next  relationship or position to make you feel whole, complete and happy? Mental beliefs like these, come from your internal perception of  yourself. The people in your life as well as your outer circumstances will and do reflect your inner belief system.
What does it mean to be beautiful? Does beauty come from race, ethnic background, what society has decided to glamorize in magazines, online or on television; does beauty really come down to what we look like, how big our butts are and so on? That’s not what beauty is at all. To be beautiful, means to simply be you. Being you is beauty all in itself. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is strength. Beauty is unconditional love. Beauty is passion. Beauty is kindness. Beauty is YOU.
Now we all know how society views beauty. You shouldn’t be too skinny, shouldn’t be too fat, you probably should have fair skin and have long hair right, you should have a small waist and a big butt right, of course you are – that’s what sells! Don’t be fooled. You are to be YOU.
We have been deceived to believe that we have to change who we are in order to fit into society’s idea of beauty. We have been deceived to believe that we have to change ourselves in order to be desired and loved; We have been deceived to believe we aren’t good enough unless we have the looks, the body, the mate and the money – these beliefs are nonsense and was designed to make you feel unworthy and less than others. When we feel unworthy, we lose our power and life makes us victims and not victorious but we have a choice in this. Choose wisely –
We have to truly love, accept and desire ourselves before anyone outside of ourselves can do so.  It starts and ends with you – everything does. Perception of ourselves comes from within and we attract what our internal perception of ourselves are. You get out of life, what you think you deserve, period and what you think you deserve comes from the beliefs you hold about yourself.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to neglect your self-improvement and personal development, we however, do that from within not from without. If you are unhappy in any area, by all means do the work that prompts the change. Mastering ourselves will always be a work in progress that requires daily effort and practice. Progress is growth. Appreciate and reward your inner and outer growth daily.
You are supposed to have everything you came here with, nothing more nothing less. That nose, perfect, that mouth perfect, that SMILE – PERFECT! 🙂  When God said it is finished and perfect, God meant it and that includes you! You are perfect, just the way you are – right now! Dare to accept that truth!
Take a look at the beauty that surrounds you. The sky, the flowers, the leaves, the snow; it’s all perfect. Did you think that you were any different in this beautiful creation, of course not!
Now what if everyone looked and acted the same, this place would be pretty boring don’t you think? You are a masterpiece because you are you, not because you need to be someone else.
Dig deeper, go within, find out who you are and in doing that, you will reveal the true beauty that God has blessed this world with – YOU.  You’re beautiful simply because you come from the maker of beauty, the maker of perfection. Nothing can take that fact and belief from you, but you. When God created you, God created a masterpiece. God can not make mistakes and God didn’t make any mistakes on you either.
Decide today to accept yourself as you are. Embrace You – Love YOU  – BeYOUtiful
Self Love ~ Give Love ~ Repeat


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