Loyalty What Does it Mean

Loyalty, what does it even mean? It means the state or quality of being loyal; characterized by or showing faithfulness to commitments, vows, allegiance and obligations, according to Webster’s dictionary. Yet and still loyalty seems to be based on the situation and not the obligation. Are you loyal, do you even know how to be? Is there such a thing? Loyalty seems to be based on opportunity. Loyalty has been turned into what can you do for me. That’s not loyalty, that’s just another form of the opportunist’s quality. You’re only loyal when you think you’ll win. You’re only loyal when faced with another struggle. You’re only loyal when your spouse keeps you in that love bubble. Am I an opportunist you ask? Well, of course I am because when you know longer benefit me, there is certainly no loyalty.

Of course it’s about me, and my current need that’s why when you turn your back – so does the loyalty. Loyalty, what does it mean? Am I loyal to you only when you’re in front of me? When you’re not around, does the loyalty still stand? Of course not, because there is no loyalty in this self centered society. Loyal people, do they exist? I often wish loyalty stop being dismissed. If you’re only loyal to me when I am here for you, but turn your back, when I can no longer do for you. Where is the loyalty? This isn’t loyalty – this is a form of its misuse. Loyalty, please just cut the nonsense and tell the truth; loyalty and faithfulness only exist when it becomes apart of your truth. You cannot be one way, yet another when you’re faced in front of another! True loyalty embodies faithfulness from the very start. If you yourself aren’t loyal – please don’t expect it back. Learn what it means and practice it faithfully – then and only then will you receive loyalty back.


2 thoughts on “Loyalty What Does it Mean

  1. Yes ma’am this is so very true… so many people nowadays do not value being loyalty to someone who has been loyal to them, unfortunately we live in a “all about me society” sometimes the way I see it is well – if you’re not loyal to me and I have been there for you then how can I trust you, and well we all know if there is no trust then there is not much of anything


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