Feelings Carried Within

The feelings we carry within, why do we carry them –Where is the beauty that we truly want within? Instead all that’s felt, internal heaviness, a burden, a form of continuous attack? We constantly want what we don’t have but fail to realize we can’t get what we never had. We have to find it first within us. Acceptance. Love Trust; The qualities that weren’t nurtured as much.

Growing up in dysfunction, it becomes you. As a child, you didn’t know you were sent here to evolve, to grow and apart of your growth is the very dysfunction that’s within you and partly due to the family that God sent you. Thing is, it was never meant to harm you but instead heal, help and guide you to become the best you, the true you, to be aware and recognize the God in you. After all, it was God who kept you.

The trick is this, to change the lenses we focus with. Change your focus to see – your mother and father, they too went through the same dysfunction that carried all those similarities, similarities that link and fuel this painful cycle of attack. Lack, mistrust, fear all stem from those qualities that weren’t there, weren’t there during your childhood, when you needed them most. Understand this, it was intended and used for your spiritual growth.

There is a breakthrough in all of this – your position is to love and accept yourself through this. Understand you are you and you’ve stood tall this long, in that alone tells you that you have been victorious on this walk! The true champion of this journey is you, so if there is anything within that causes disruption, let it go, forgive –it will only help you, help you to allow your healing to begin.

It was all a set up for our good from the beginning, but we got lost and thought we were just helpless victims. The victim to life, the drama, the pain but all of that was just to help you to know and to grow into the masterpiece you were born to become; to become aware, in a world filled with delusion, blame and stares. Even this – although seemingly unfair – it is necessary for the final victory. Light always transmutes darkness and in this we can know that our journey and lifelong quest will definitely lead to the ultimate conquest.

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