The Gift

The gift – special and unique, always desired, a rare gem indeed. Being that this gift was so authentic, they went through hills and high waters to get it. The outside packaged, perfect for the content within. Magically crafted with you in mind, a gift nobody else would be able to find.

Lord only knows how long it took to create, but the substance within, let me tell you, it was all too great. Filled with all things divine, this was certainly a rare creation given in this lifetime!

How could they find something so perfect for you – did you not realize, this gift, it is YOU.

We are certain of this, real gifts can never be purchased, causing the true meaning of a gift to be missed; this principle is what’s often missed. So what’s the true meaning behind your Christmas?

The meaning of Christmas was to remind us of a life who was lived through Christ, a life to remind us what it truly means to be a giver; Reminding us that we are the gift and the giver. What comes from the heart can never be given in vain. Isn’t this the true meaning of what we call a gift? Christ-like in spirit, sons and daughters of Gods, when will we get it? The ultimate gift is the spirit. Each day we are given life, to give someone else, a deeper experience.

The Christmas holiday was designed to remind us of a life that was given so freely, a life of a compassionate soul, who healed the lives of many. The Christmas holiday was to remind us of this, not get tied up in the world’s consumer market. “What else should I buy?” or “I wonder if I got the most expensive gift” but what is the true cause of this? Have we gotten lost in all of this? Racing to get yet another boxed gift.



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