What’s Keeping You Whole

The spiritual energy within wishes to break through, he’s been trapped in for so long. Longing to get out and fight your fight, but your ego keeps telling Him to chill, just sit tight. The spiritual energy within is what keeps pushing you, feeding you hope, giving you that deep desire and the knowing of, there is more to life after all.

The ego has swallowed you whole, keeping you blinded from the wholeness that only your Creator holds. That’s why there’s that deep longing inside, because you’ve been blinded, so again I ask you, what’s keeping you whole? Is it your ego or is it your soul? The ego knows once you allow and give in, your true victory will begin. Fight the fight; don’t give the enemy your control, make that decision to win and reclaim your mind control.

The spiritual energy within has a plan and you’re a vital piece to the puzzle of your awakening journey. It’s up to you; you’ve got to decide daily to fight in order to walk in your victory. You do have that choice to either fight or give in. The more we are still and listen to the inner wisdom within, the stronger we help our spiritual guide grow deeper, enabling an effortless flow to our lives; because we are now lead not from the outside but from within. Once this happens its know longer us fighting, it’s Him!

Isn’t that something, all we have to do to stop suffering, is to simply stand strong and allow our inner spiritual energies to flow. Fight this fight and reclaim your life, in that you’ll see your true victory. This fight that feeds forces and the energy that gives you your life! Once we rest in this knowing, we let go of the fight. We begin to realize this wasn’t even our fight! This fight is a spiritual battle, bigger then both you and me but we definitely have work to do and that starts with our healing, which holds the keys to our destiny.

When we begin our work by fighting our fight to stand against the ego’s trick of creating constant conflict both inner and outer – what’s its motive, what’s the issue, but only to try and destroy you. The ego gets off on knowing it has full control of you. You can’t be at your best if you give away your power. You are strong, but it won’t matter if I tell you. It’s up to you to believe it, in order for it to be your truth that leads to your glory. There is freedom and power working inside of you, never against you, unlike that ego always looking to trick you.


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