Am I feeding you or draining you trying to become like you because I don’t have my own identity? Trying to fit in, in a world so big… black, white, gay, straight, or simply indifferent. How can I possibly fit in? My big nose, flat ass and wrinkled toes, guess what there is nobody else who has features like those. I am perfect in my own special way, once I understand that, nobody can take that away. I am fierce and daring, loving and caring, I don’t need you understand me. In fact, I don’t need validation from you at all when it comes to me. I love me and in loving me you will see the true beauty in me, which can never come from a false identity. I am one with the divine and in that nothing can destroy me. I know what I bring to the table; why would I need you to define me? Fact is, it’s my perception of me that drives me so how could I allow you to harden me? My thoughts of you, don’t make them you so your thoughts of me don’t make them true; It’s my perceptions of myself that prove to be true. You can’t harm me, unless I give you permission to. I am wise and understand love uplifts and shows compassion so in this I know I must do this for myself too. This of course, helps me to do the same for you. Understand and accept the true beauty in you. There is never an outside opinion that should be able to define you.

Walk in your beauty – Be daring. Be YOU.

One thought on “Identity

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