Lust and Domestic Violence

Lust and love we often confuse the two, when we’ve been blinded by the thought of being in love with you. When you can no longer meet my needs, its no longer you that I need…its lust, not love indeed. Love wishes to enhance and provide, its lust that wishes to control, gain and divide all for its own selfishness and pride. Lust, not love is what comes from your attacker now it’s domestic violence that has caused nothing but havoc.

Can you properly love him when true love for you lacks, now causing you to stay and endure the many forms of his attacks? Emotional, physical and sexual abuse too, these are sure artifacts of lust, which is one of the links to the domestic abuse.

You say you stay for the kids but the truth is this, you’re driven by fear and have gained your identity in this dysfunctional – ship. Where’s the relation in all of this? You want to help him, so he can be the man you know he can be, but in this, where is your true identity? How can you help him when you’ve given your power to him so freely? How would you see this when you’ve decided to dismiss the first person you needed to love in all of this? You’re love for yourself is what’s missing in this. You’re trying to give him what you yourself, don’t have yet to give.

Pray for him, encourage him, he also needs love too, he’s probably hurting just as much as you. He wants healing and guidance too he just doesn’t know where to start or who to turn to. In order to help him regain his God given identity, separation is a vital strategy. Help him to help himself to be the man he knows himself to be, by allowing God to do His work in him on His time, not mine.

Allow God to take control so the betterment of the both of you can unfold.

Self Love ~ Give Love ~ Repeat


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