What do relationships mean anyway? Nowadays it tends to mean I become you and you become me. We have to want and do the same things or it seems to become a little strange. No longer holding my own identity. I’m lost in you. You lost in me. Do relationships mean I now need to prove myself worthy, while you suddenly become the judge of me? How do I spend my time? What can I offer you? What have my accomplishments been? What kind of money do I spend but at the end of the day will that really make your heart mend?

To be in a relationship is about what can I offer you and to be open and upfront about it too. To be in a relationship is to provide truth, freedom, acceptance and the motivation to do better. Relationship requires sacrifice and commitment in spite of indifference or your feelings for that matter. The sacrifice of time, unconditional love, ability to compromise, ability to stand firm without losing oneself which leads to demise; Not to mention unspoken resentment that follows when not remaining authentic.

To be in a relationship isn’t for me to try to make you understand me. Relationships established in love will seek to understand, not seek to be heard and this is something that happens naturally. Relationships are to offer stability, have each other’s back; there really isn’t any understanding necessary beyond that. To be in a relationship isn’t to look for what you offer me. It’s to accept you as you are with what you have; you do the same for me.

Relationships have turned into misuse and abuse and what I have bought for you. Anybody can spend some dollars; it takes true character to remain loyal, centered and unbothered. Relationships based on control, phony smiles, bank figures and credit scores; Lord knows I don’t want that at all, living as a fraud just to say I have a relationship to show this fraudulent world.

Keeping up with the Jones’, talking behind ones back, looks like everyone has an image to uphold, I guess this is why misery always tends to unfold. Putting on an image for naysayers and people who have the same issues, this is nonsense, I tell you! This isn’t just about a spouse, boyfriends and girlfriends this extends to family, friends too. Unless the relationship is healthy and uplifting to the spirit, stay in your personal space, continue to work on you, live life peacefully and free to be you.

Healthy relationships include acceptance, understanding, compassion and mutuality. Relation means I see you in me; therefore I am not able to view your weaknesses as my controversy, rather an entryway for growth instead. Relation means I have decided to see the goodness in you in spite of what everybody else said. Relation means I don’t take offense and view you as my enemy but rather my friend, someone who has been misunderstood, someone like me. Relation means to decide to let ego go, seek to understand and practice love.

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