The Choice of Love

Detach from all expectancy. Allow people to be who they are. Every individual is on their own path of evolution.   When we allow ourselves and other people to freely be themselves while offering acceptance of individuals or circumstances; We do one of the two: 1. Grow in love.  2. Separate in love.     

Break Ups and Manipulation

I never understood why people viewed break ups as a bad thing, oftentimes painful but, not bad. If we didn’t have so called bad relationships that lead to our painful break ups we definitely wouldn’t know and understand how to appreciate and honor the good ones. I say that to say this: Love should never …

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What the Church Didn’t Tell You

The church didn’t tell you that you are perfect in spite of worldly view imperfections. The church didn’t tell you to allow this moment to take place in spite of religious misconceptions. The church didn’t tell you to love and accept your self as is. Instead the church told you to hate sin and if not, your love to God is in vain.

Feelings Carried Within

The feelings we carry within, why do we carry them –Where is the beauty that we truly want within? Instead all that’s felt, internal heaviness, a burden, a form of continuous attack? We constantly want what we don’t have but fail to realize we can’t get what we never had. We have to find it …

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The Ego

The Ego has taken control. Your life, it is now lived by a mind of continuous thought. The Ego knows with mind control, there is nothing but separation, unhappiness and lack of divinity. I’m sure you don't want that type of energy. Your Ego wishes to feed you one way or another because in that you'll be sure to suffer.