The Choice of Love

Detach from all expectancy. Allow people to be who they are. Every individual is on their own path of evolution.   When we allow ourselves and other people to freely be themselves while offering acceptance of individuals or circumstances; We do one of the two: 1. Grow in love.  2. Separate in love.     

Break Ups and Manipulation

I never understood why people viewed break ups as a bad thing, oftentimes painful but, not bad. If we didn’t have so called bad relationships that lead to our painful break ups we definitely wouldn’t know and understand how to appreciate and honor the good ones. I say that to say this: Love should never …

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What do relationships mean anyway? Nowadays it tends to mean I become you and you become me. We have to want and do the same things or it seems to become a little strange. No longer holding my own identity. I’m lost in you. You lost in me. Do relationships mean I now need to prove myself worthy, while you suddenly become the judge of me? How do I spend my time? What can I offer you? What have my accomplishments been? What kind of money do I spend but at the end of the day will that really make your heart mend?

Lust and Domestic Violence

Lust and love we often confuse the two, when we’ve been blinded by the thought of being in love with you. When you can no longer meet my needs, its no longer you that I need…its lust, not love indeed. Love wishes to enhance and provide, its lust that wishes to control, gain and divide all for its own selfishness and pride. Lust, not love is what comes from your attacker now it’s domestic violence that has caused nothing but havoc.